NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing Nailer Review

NuMax SFR2190  is a beautiful combination of quality and budget. Among all the best framing nailers Numax sfr2190 is a budget-friendly product. NuMax SFR2190 is excellent for professional and DIYer. NuMax SFR2190  is easy to operate and load. Its features can beat any other top-rated framing nail guns. This is also Amazon best selling framing nailer.


For lightweight Numax sfr2190 is made with die-cast magnesium and features Nonstick O-ring. Its ergonomic grip gives you comfort from anti-vibration.

360-degree adjustable air exhaust on the cap of the tool allows directing air away from debris according to operator choice

It’s equipped with No-mar tip, which protects your even delicate work surface and ensures your professional finish

This framing nail gun can shoot 2 to 3.5” nails fast and accurate at a 21-degree angle. For quick and precise result its best to use the 21º plastic collated full-head nails, but 20º – 22º nails are also preferable. No-Slip teeth grip on in the wood also ensure your safe firing.

This framing nailer has two types of interchangeable trigger. Bump-fire for quick firing and single-fire for accurate and controlled shooting and switching between the two options is simple.

To adjust the driving depth of the nails uses the C wheel on the tool. This Feature helps you to get your desired driving intensity of the nails.

To protect internal damage anti-dry fire features are an essential feature in framing nail guns. Numax SFR 2190 also have this feature when there left last few nails its stops nailing to prevent dry firing the nailers. The air filter is also included to protect the internal damage.

SFR2190 is  Weighing 8.6 pounds and measuring 5.5 x 14.2 x 20.1 inches. Its a cordless product so this pneumatic framing nailer has an operating pressure of 70-115.

Use the anti-dust cap when the firing gun is not in use.

NuMax SFR2190


Don’t consider this cheap framing nailer is not a quality product. Its a best quality product at the modest price. It’s a well functioned framing nailer for home improvement. This framing nail gun best for woodwork, roof and wall sheathing, fencing and side installation and more. Quality appears to be useful

Its lightweight saves your arm. You can work with this product for a more extended period. This nailer gun would definitely make your job easy with high productivity. Working with this gun is very enjoyable.

It saves you lots of time at the same time ensure your maximum productivity. It’s a useful product for your indoor and outdoor project.

The depth adjuster helps you to change the depth setting quickly. You can easily adjust the depth without a wrench. It shoots out nails at a very high speed. After a little practice, you can make its best use. Using this framing nail gun also a safe option.

Any brand nailer can jam, it’s also jam occasionally. In front of the magazines, there is around jam removal hole that helps a nail to move into position.

One noticeable feature in  Numax sfr2190 is it’s an anti-dry fire feature which prevents the nailer from firing any nails when there are only a Few nails left.

The air filter keeps your framing gun clean and ensures the durability of the internal parts,

It’s a quality product. You can easily trust the quality of the product because To maintain quality renowned US  company Prime Global products Inc manufactured it under strict guidelines.


Like other product, it also got some negative feedback from its user. Customers are not wholly satisfied with this product. They complained that some parts of the product are not user-friendly. Which need to be getting fixed.

Sometime middle of their project a nail jammed into the tool and hampered their work. To solve the problem immediately remove the jammed pin from the nose if required use a screwdriver.

It’s got a little heavy, after a while. So it’s not ideal for your big project like to build a house. However, it can satisfy your small project very well.

Some customer complained that this nailer gun occasionally stops firing, but it’s a protective feature of the weapon. So don’t worry about that. Just added another strip behind the three nails, and enjoy your nail firing.

Its trigger assembly is leaking air and stop firing. To solve this problem, tighten screws or install the overhaul kit.

Frequently asked question

1 What is the recommended PSI range of this product?

Ans: Its recommended PSI is 70-115 PSI.

2  Are the nails round head or clip head?

Ans: The nails are the full round head.

3. When its left 3 or 4 nails, why are the nails get stuck?

Ans: This a safety feature of the nailer. When nails are lowered this feature alert you to add more nails.

4. How long does it warranty last?

Ans: From the original purchase date, it contains one year warranty on the gun body and 30 days warranty on wearable parts.


Quality and modest price make Numax SFR 2190 a good product. We can use this product for a variety of applications. Beside some drawbacks, it’s a good framing nailer for professional and non-professional work. If you want to experience a better framing nailer in affordable price, NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree framing nailer is the best option.

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