8 Cold Brew Iced Tea Recipe

Human beings are used to drink hot tea drinks. Lots of them don’t even know about the cold tea. Most of those people never tried cold brewed tea in their life. But they are missing one of the most delicious drinks of all time. The cold brewed tea doesn’t need heat. It is made by the room temperature. Also, the iced tea is prepared by the cold water. It sounds a little strange, but after drinking it, you will only deliver compliments. To make the task of trying cold brewed drinks easy, we have given eight cold brew iced tea recipes that are extremely popular.

Gingerbread Iced Green Tea

Making Requirements and Instructions

STEP-1: Take a jar that can hold 1 liter of the cold water or more. Pour 1 liter of the gingerbread green tea into the pot. It has to be the chilled tea.

STEP-2: Add 12 tablespoons of the sugar to the jar. If you require more sugar, you can mix it. But less sugar is healthier. Additionally, you can use Agave Syrup too if you are a consumer of it.

STEP-3: Take two gingers and the same amount of lemon. Slice them properly. Add them to the tea. While serving, use ice cubes for an excellent chilled flavor.

Cherry Cinnamon Amaretto Iced Tea

Making Requirements and Instructions

STEP-1: Take a half cup (or more, according to need) of the cold water. It has to be chilled enough because you are not going to boil the water. Mix 1 bag of the cherry cinnamon tea with the water. Soak the tea bag for 5-10 minutes.

STEP-2: Now take a shaker (cocktail) and fill it with a few ice cubes. Pour the tea into the cocktail shaker. Also, add one tablespoon of the sweet syrup to the tea. Shake the cocktail shaker for a while.

STEP-3: Strain the cold tea into a highball glass through a clean strainer. Garnish with lemon slices.

Blueberry Vanilla Iced Tea

Making Requirements and Instructions

STEP-1: Chill 1 cup of the water in a refrigerator. Add one bag of the blackcurrant and blueberry tea to the water. Wait 6-10 minutes for the tea bags to soak and then detach the tea bags from the tea.

STEP-2: Take a large glass. Pour the blueberry tea into the glass. Now add the vanilla ice cream to the brew. One scoop of the vanilla is enough for one glass tea.

STEP-3: Mix 10-15 blueberries with the tea. Garnish with some ingredients if you wish to do so.

Buttermint Iced Tea

Making Requirements and Instructions

STEP-1: At first, get a cup of cold water. The water has to be in a decent cold condition. Put five buttermint tea bags in the water. Now let the tea steep for a while. 5-10 minutes are enough to soak the tea.

STEP-2: To make sure the tea gets cold sufficiently, place two ice cubes into the brew. Now, wait for the ice cubes to melt.

STEP-3: Add 3 cups of the non-alcoholic beer. The bear has to be the ginger-flavor one. Mix a few slices of the strawberry and orange. Also, add one tablespoon of the vanilla syrup. Serve it immediately.

Orange and Elderflower Lotus Iced Tea

Making Requirements and Instructions

STEP-1: Cool water according to your necessity. Here we will use 1 cup of the cold water. Combine the orange and lotus flower tea bags with the frozen water. Keep mixing the tea bags for 2 minutes.

STEP-2: Get a drink shaker (cocktail shaker) from your kitchen and place some ice cubes inside it. Now pour the lotus and orange tea into the shaker and start shaking the bottle.

STEP-3: Garnish glass with a lemon and ice. Pour the tea into it, take a straw and start enjoying the drink.

Lady Grey Lime Iced Tea

Making Requirements and Instructions

STEP-1: Cool 1 cup of the water by putting it into the fridge for an hour. Stir the lady grey tea bags into the icy water for 3 minutes straight. Remove the packets of the tea after 3 minutes.

STEP-2: Combine the half cup of the Lime Cordial with the green tea. Stir the mixture and leave it alone for a few minutes.

STEP-3: Serve in a highball glass that is full of ice. Don’t forget to garnish it with the slices of the lime.

Coco Cherry Iced Bakewell Tea

Making Requirements and Instructions

STEP-1: Take 1 cup of the freezing water from your refrigerator. The water has to be cold brewed. Add one tea bag of the cherry Bakewell tea into the chilled water. Soak the tea for 2 minutes.

STEP-2: Throw some ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and pour the cold tea into it. Shake the bottle properly.

STEP-3: Garnish a large glass with some cherries. Also, add ice for a moderate cold flavor. The drink should be ready then.

Iced Strawberry and Mango Tea

Making Requirements and Instructions

STEP-1: In a large glass, pour 2 cups of the cold water. Ensure that the water is adequately cold. Add a tea bag that you like. Keep the tea bag for 10 minutes to get a straight tea flavor.

STEP-2: After 10 minutes, separate that one tea bag from the tea and let the tea soak for some minutes.

STEP-3: Add 1 cup of the agave syrup to the tea. Mix the sugar with the drink.

STEP-4: Put the mixture in another big glass and fill the glass with ice.

STEP-5: Add slices of the two mangos and strawberries. Combine two mint leaves with the tea too. The cold mango and strawberry drink is prepared completely.

In the End

People who didn’t try this excellent cold-brew tea before should try it at least once in his life. He is going to love the taste of it. The hot tea has been famous for a long time and still is. It’s not a weak drink at all. But the cold beverage has something that the hot tea cannot offer, and it has a lot of health benefit. These recipes are there for you to help to make the cold drink. So don’t delay, make an effort to make one of 8 cold brew iced tea recipes today!

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